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16T Weight is a form of trash in Blinx: The Time Sweeper.

The 16T Weight is large metal weight, and largest and heaviest form of trash in the entire game, and the only type of trash that falls into the category of Large Trash. Because of it shear weight, only Level 3 Sweepers are able to suck it up, such as the TS-16000 Lv.3, TS-16000-S Lv.3 and the TS-X7 Supreme Lv.3+. The 16T Weights are worth over 80G, making them an excellent source Gold.

16T Weights are also the strongest form of ammunition in the game, capable of inflicting 3 HP worth of damage on enemies, and due to their size its easy to hit most enemies, such as Octoballoons. However, if the 16T Weight misses its target and hits a wall, it will break, unlike most trash which remains intact if it misses its target and hits a wall.

16T Weights are always found blocking shortcuts and secrets, such as Cat Medals and Gold, so players with Level 3 Sweeper should not hesitate to sweep it out of the way.

Areas encountered[]

Time Square[]


  • The Dust Keeper and Dust King will sometimes throw 16T Weights at the player.