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Artoon is the software developer that released both Blinx the Time Sweeper and Blinx 2: Masters of Time and Space.

Artoon is a computer and video game third-party developer established in 1999. The team is primarily affiliated in the United States with recent and current Microsoft Xbox and Xbox 360 projects, although they have also worked with Hudson Soft and Nintendo on other platforms. Key Artoon personnel include Yoji Ishii, Manabu Kusunoki, Hidetoshi Takeshita, Yutaka Sugano, and Naoto Ōshima. When the company formed, it drew personnel and talent from several of Sega's development teams, particularly those which worked on Sonic the Hedgehog (created by Ōshima), and Panzer Dragoon. Currently, the developer has approximately 85 employees. Artoon is currently situated in Yokohama, Kanagawa prefecture, Japan. A secondary studio is maintained in Naha, Okinawa prefecture, Japan.