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Entrance to the B1Q64 Goal Gate Room

World B1Q64 is the main setting of Blinx: The Time Sweeper.

It's flow of time was broken by the Tom Tom Gang, leading to the appearance of large numbers of Time Crystals and Time Monsters. Worried about the damage the Time Monsters could cause, not only to B1Q64, but to the many other worlds too, the Mother Computer insists that the entire world be closed off from the time factory, freezing it's suppy of time forever.

It was known to have a broken moon, and European-themed cities.

The main inhabitants are Humans, or, at least, humanlike beings.


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Humans of world B1Q64 - Time Square

Time Square

Deja Vu Canals

Hourglass Caves

The Forgotten City

The Temple Of Lost Time

Mine Of Precious Moments


The Forge Of Hours