Blinx Encyclopedia

Blinx 2: Masters of Time and Space
Developer Artoon
Publisher Microsoft Game Studios
Release USA November 16, 2004

JPN November 18, 2004
EU December 3, 2004

Genre Platformer


Blinx 2: Masters of Time and Space is the second addition to this series on the Xbox, about Blinx, the Tom Tom Gang and other Time Sweepers. The games allows the player to create their own Time Sweeper and Tom Tom Gang members, and switch between them throughout the game's Story Mode; both the Time Sweeper and Tom Tom campaigns must be played through in order to finish the game.


This game received a large amount of harsh criticism for being marketed as a direct sequel to the first game, which implied that Blinx had a major role in the game; other than appearing in cutscenes and talking to the player in some of the Time Sweeper levels, the character played virtually no role in the plot, nor is he playable.

In fact, the game seemed to feature an entire storyline worth of original characters, none of whom are ever directly introduced. All cutscenes seemed to revolve around these mysterious cats and pigs, yet none make any contribution to the gameplay.

Blinx 2 was also criticised because its final boss, the Scissor Demon, bears a resemblance to Tarrasque from Dungeons and Dragons, reflecting badly on the game's tone.

From a different point-of-view, Blinx 2 was also criticised for its significant additions of violence from its predecessor, particularly when playing as the Tom-Toms due to their weapons.

Also, many players complained about the constant help messages ruining the game's puzzle aspects. Puzzles can be solved effortlessly because the operator's help messages directly spell out how to solve them, rather than allowing the players to think for themselves.