Blinx Encyclopedia

Gender Female
Race Feline
Role Shopkeeper, NecoJi's fiancee
Allies Blinx, NecoJi, Time Sweepers
Enemies Tom-Tom Gang, Time Monsters
Weapons None

Catherine is a shopkeeper that sells all available items in Blinx the Time Sweeper. She appears in 9 different shops, 1 in each of the first 8 stages, each with its own exclusive stage items and regular items, and the ninth accessible in Momentopolis after surviving the boss rush before the final battle. She is referenced and even makes a minor return in Blinx 2: Masters of Time and Space as NecoJi's fiancee. Whether or not she returns his affections is yet disputable.


Catherine has white fur with brown tips at her ears and tail, much like a Siamese. She wears a pink nurse midriff outfit (though the only thing that makes it a nurse outfit is the hat. Pink nurse uniforms are common in Japanese media, namely pinups.) The notion of her nurse occupation is also supported by MOTAS concept art depicting her in a white nurse outfit (and given the title of military medic). Japanese nurses are often depicted in a pink uniform much like Catherine’s. ​Unlike other Time Sweepers in the Time Factory, Catherine's eyes are something of an anomaly and at the same time are close to a real cat’s eyes. Her eyes have dark blue irises like real cats, something that other time sweepers lack. Her pupils are thinner and less rounded and the sclera of her eyes are bright blue (realistically, cat scleras are white).


Catherine is both strong-willed and cares about the needs of others. She is very enthusiastic when speaking to Blinx as he stops in during his run through World B1Q64. She is eager to offer personal opinions and advice, especially on clothing (saying that Blinx's signature blue and red outfit is the best for him), and often makes mention of certain sweepers and outfits being stylish in some capacity. She wishes him luck at the end of his last visit to the shop before his final battle in Momentopolis. She's quirky too, rolling her eyes when the TS-4000 Spiral is shown.


Catherine is a part-time shopkeeper at the Time Factory at the time of TTS, hired to attract customers to the shop. ​She appears in nine different shops, one in each of the first eight stages, each with its own exclusive stage and regular items, and the ninth accessible in Momentopolis after surviving the boss rush before the final battle. At some point prior to the Big Crystal crisis, she started a romantic relationship with a Time Sweeper, NecoJi. She may or may not have still been a shopkeeper at the factory by this point, but she is still seen in her same outfit. After Furball's success in the battle in World A000, NecoJi proposes to her (as he had promised to do so if he survived) and is met with a kiss on the cheek, presumably indicating agreement.


  • In the first game, if you were to buy a new jacket then go back to the very first shop, if you examine your old blue jacket now available at the Shop she says "This is the best one for you, Blinx."
  • If all shop emblems are turned in at once at the Time Factory, an image of Catherine titled "Bromide" will be added to your gallery.


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