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The Chronohorn.

Chronohorn (クロノホーン Kuronohōn), also known as the Last Boss, is the boss of Momentopolis, as well the thirteenth and final boss of Blinx: The Time Sweeper.


Following the Tom-Tom Gang raid of B1Q64 for Time Crystals, as well as the kidnapping of Princess Lena by Benito, Blinx had been pursing them throughout the world of B1Q64. Eventually, Blinx finally caught up with them in Momentopolis. Unfortunately for the Tom-Tom Gang, the Airbikes they were riding, which were filled with stolen Time Crystals, had become too unstable in close proximity to one another, creating major time glitches. In seconds, the Time Crystals, Airbikes, Princess Lena, Benito, Ugo, Cino and other Benito Brothers and Tom-Tom Gang members were absorbed in a flash, forming the Chronohorn.

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Chronohorn's armored exterior next to its unarmored interior.

Upon noticing Blinx, the Chronohorn performs a Rewind Time Control, sending Blinx back in time to the Forgotten City to fight the Dust King, then to Everwinter to fight Hydrosaur, then to the Mine of Precious Moments to fight Kerogon II, and finally to the Forge of Hours to fight Juggernaut II - all of which Blinx is able to defeat. After failing to kill Blinx by forcing him into the boss rush, Chronohorn moves in to take out Blinx personally. Despite the odds, Blinx perseveres, and he is able to save world B1Q64.


Boss rush[]

Before the fight, Chronohorn will send Blinx back in time for a boss rush, facing Dust King, Hydrosaur, Kerogon II and Juggernaut II in that order. Players should buy all the Retry Holders, Time Control Holders and the Sweeper Pack L available from all the Shops, and carry as many Pauses and/or Slows as possible. There is no real point in purchasing Bombs, Super Bombs or Spike Bullets before the ensuing boss rush, since they will be exchanged for Gold after beating the Dust King. It should be noted that any boss can be restarted in that particular fight, rather than restart the entire boss rush, and this might be necessary to ensure the player will be able to successfully complete it. None of the bosses have any additional attacks not seen before, so defeating them is simply a matter of skilful play.

Beating the boss rush will transport Blinx to the Momentopolis Shop, where the player can stock themselves before the fight; this shop also sells the TS-X7 Supreme Lv.3+ Sweeper - although extremely expensive at 90,000G, it has all the abilities of every other sweeper model, which may aid in the battle against Chronohorn.

Final boss battle[]

Chronohorn is the hardest boss in the game, and requires the player to have mastered the game's gameplay. Before the fight, Chronohorn will suck up every Time Crystal minus Retries that Blinx may have. Time Crystals will still fall above the arena during the fight, and as such, it is absolutely necessary to collect one of each kind by the third phase, as Chronohorn can not be defeated without them. It is important to note Time Controls outside of Retries will not regularly work for Blinx, so attempting to using one on Chronohorn will not work. Unlike other enemies in the game, the Chronohorn can't be shot by the sweeper just anywhere, but only at his weak spot: its eye, which resembles the face of a clock. It can only be shot when it glows red, and is vulnerable to all kinds of Bombs, as well as Spike Bullets.

Chronohorn has essentially four phases to its fight:

  • On the first phase, Chronohorn will shoot Bombs into the stage - these Bombs will not explode on contact, rather they will simply accumulate on the platform of the boss stage, so Blinx can suck these up to use against the Chronohorn while it shoots bombs, as this is the only time where its eye glows red. Chronohorn also has the ability to shoot electricity arcs form its horns. Most of the time, it will shoot the electricity at a Bomb, causing it to explode (and often causing a chain reaction where any other nearby Bombs explode as well); sucking as many Bombs as possible can reduce the amount of Bombs going off at once, and it is possible to cancel the attack by sucking up the particular Bomb the Chronohorn is about to strike. Sometimes, Chronohorn will shoot three electric arcs at Blinx rather than any Bombs found on the arena; it is recommend to move left or right and jump very high into the air to avoid it. In addition, Chronohorn can also suck up Time Crystals, specifically Slow and Fast-Forward Crystals, and can perform the respective Time Controls. If Chronohorn performs a Fast-Forward, both Chronohorn and Blinx will move twice as quickly, requiring quick reactions to dodge Chronohorn's attacks. If it performs a Slow, Blinx will move at half-speed, requiring evasive actions beforehand to dodge its attacks. Time Crystals won't fall as frequently during this phase, so the primary focus of the first stage should be to damage the Chronohorn enough - a total of 3 HP before it goes into its next phase.
  • On the second phase, Chronohorn will create a clone of itself. Both clones are able perform the attacks of the first phase, but replace the electricity arcs with a simultaneous arm club that creates a huge shock wave, detonating any nearby bombs. In addition to shooting Bombs, they will also shoot Ice Bombs, which are Bombs encased in ice cubes that, upon explosion, will coat the arena with ice temporarily, forcing Blinx to skate in order to move around. Both clones will also often grab the edges of the arena and shake it to make the excess bombs and Time Crystals fall. Finally, both Chronohorns can now suck up Pause Time Crystals to perform a Pause, causing Blinx to stop in place; both clones' attacks can be evaded if the player times a double jump. Both Chronohorns are still vulnerable when their eyes glow red, but the player has to shoot both of the clones' eyes before they stop glowing, else the remaining Chronohorn will create a clone of itself once again. Time Crystals are much more common in this phase. Again 3 HP will force it to move to its next phase.
  • On the third phase, Chronohorn will stop all of its attacks and personally chase Blinx, replacing all of its attacks directed at him with a single arm swipe if it gets close enough; this can be avoided by jumping over Chronohorn's huge arm as it has ended rearing it back. It can also suck up the arena's Time Crystals and Bombs, growing in size but shrinking again shortly after. By this point in the fight, the player should have one of each kind of Time Control, and use them one by one to slowly break Chronohorn's armor (though they should be used after Chronohorn's mercy invincibility ends from getting hit by one, and not in succession). Hitting Chronohorn with each Time Control will also cause it to play its damaged animation. Repeat Time Controls will have no effect on Chronohorn, though. If all five different Time Controls are used successfully, its armor will break, starting its final phase.
  • On the fourth and final phase, Chronohorn's true, devil-like form will be revealed, and its only attack will be trying to tackle Blinx repeatedly; although simple, the attack is fast, Chronohorn is invincible while doing so, and it doesn't leave itself vulnerable for long before attempting to do it again. Regardless, one last shot is all it takes to defeat Chronohorn once and for all.


  • Chronohorn is the only Time Monster in Blinx: The Time Sweeper capable of manipulating time to its will.
  • Chronohorn is named "lasbos" in the game's files, suggesting this was going to be its name before it got changed.
  • Chronohorn's unarmored interior resembles a Gatekeeper.