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Yagitama is the boss of Time Square, and the first boss of Blinx: The Time Sweeper.

Appearance and behavior[]

The Yagitama is a Overgrown relative of the Dust Herders, but it is far larger in size and features several notable differences. Whereas Dust Herder's have the vaguely goat-like face, Yagitama’s face looks more akin to that of a walrus. It face has green fur, two white walrus like tusks, and two big white googly eyes. A top of its head sits two white and red striped horns, ending in triangles. The Yagitama also has two small short stubby arms, the right one it uses to hold an exceptionally large wooden staff that features two clock hands (one blue and red) on each side that resemble those used by the Time Sweepers, allowing the Yagitama to store trash for later usages at projectiles. It can throw three pieces of trash at once or simply throw a 16T Weight with some effort. The Yagitama’s torso and low abdomen fuse to form a vaguely pear shaped body that ends as a round ball. The Dust Keeper has no legs unlike its relatives the Yagitama, rather it hops around on its ball like bottom, which allow it to move about at great speeds and allow it to easily hop about, which it uses to crush its enemies.

The Yagitama is far more aggressive when compared to the Dust Herders whom simply territorial, jumping about the landscape in the hopes of crushing their enemies an throwing garbage at foes now and then.

Areas encountered[]

Time Square[]

  • Time Square Boss Stage