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A pink, blue spotted Gatekeeper's "spirit" portion.

Gatekeepers are strange cartoony gate-like/ghost-like Time Monsters in Blinx: The Time Sweeper

Appearance and behavior[]

Gatekeepers anatomy is consist of two major parts, its "gate" part and its "spirit" part.

Its "gate" part resembles a large cartoony gate. It is colored purple, but features white stripes and blue markings. The blue markings on gate portion of the Gatekeeper vaguely resemble that of the Gatekeeper's spirit portion's face. At the ends of the gate, there are two poles colored purple with white stripes, ending in yellow glowing orbs, which can move. The Gatekeeper's gate portion are often located in important pathways, resulting in path ways being blocked off. These gate like portions of a Gatekeeper are immune to sweeper fire, making their removing difficult, however it can't attack threats directly. If a Gatekeeper detects something approaching it, its gate portion will begin to move its poles with the glowing yellow orbs up and down, similar to that of an insects antenna, before dispatching the Gatekeeper's spirt portion out.

The Gatekeeper's spirt portion resembles are cartoony, colorful ghost. The Gatekeeper's spirit form's face is shaped like a heart, and features a small teddy-bear like nose, two big eyes and a big toothy grin on its face. A top its head, are two antenna ending in yellow orbs, resembling the two poles ending in yellow orbs of the Gatekeeper's gate portion. The Gatekeeper's spirit portion features two thin short arms ending in five fingers. The Gatekeeper's spirit portion does not feature legs, rather it features a long flat tail, the spirit portion moves by floating in the air, leaving a colorful trail whilst it moves. The color scheme varies. Gatekeeper's spirit portion are surprisingly passive, generally floating about their environment when called forth, but they will occasionally charge at their enemies. Killing the Gatekeeper's spirit portion will kill the Gatekeeper, resulting in the Gatekeeper's gate portion to quickly dissolve.