Blinx Encyclopedia

Gender Male
Race Time Sweeper
Role Shopkeeper (MOTAS)
Allies Time Sweepers
Enemies Tom Tom Gang, Time Monsters
Weapons None

Jimmy is the shopkeeper for the cats in Blinx 2: Masters of Time and Space. His shop is located in the Time Factory Hub. In his shop you can buy new Sweepers, bombs, fire extinguishers, spike balls, time bowls, retry hearts, food and many other useful items. You can also sell things you no longer need to earn gold.

You can also register new members, raise your rank in 'rank up exams', get new cat medals, do a challenge for items, try to win challenges for emblems (and sometimes items) and exchange your won emblems for rare items.

You are not allowed to enter Jimmy's shop if you haven't completed the first level for the Tom Tom Gang.


Jimmy harbours quite a resemblance to Catherine, the female shopkeeper in Blinx: The Time Sweeper. They both share the same fur design and type (clear-white fur with light brown tips on the tail and ears), as well as the same coloured eyes (an aqua-sky blue). It is pondered by many fans whether they are in fact related.


Buying from the Shop

  • “Welcome! So good to see you!”
  • “Welcome! Take your time shopping here.”
  • “You’re not buying anything? Well, I’m going to put the things back on the shelf, if that’s all right.”
  • “Nothing caught your eye, huh? Well, maybe next time.”
  • “Looks like you don’t have enough money.”
  • “Your locker is full. You need to sell something.”
  • “Ready to check out?”
  • “Thank you!”
  • “You’re leaving? Well, I’ll tell you what. To show my appreciation for your purchase, I’ll let you use the shortcut to the locker room.”
  • “How about it?”
  • “You’re leaving? Do you want to stop by the locker room?”
  • “Thanks! Come again soon!”
  • “That’s quite a haul! Thank you!”