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A green Keropper.

Keroppers are frog-like Time Monsters in Blinx: The Time Sweeper.

Appearance and behavior[]

Keroppers are large frog-like monsters. They feature an antenna on their head ending in a triangle, similar to Chronoblobs and Spikers, and have spots on their back and stripes on their belly. Keroppers move around by hopping on their hind legs. They usually hop in circles, but they will chase Blinx when he is nearby. They will also try to face Blinx if they see him, so that they can eat the trash that he shoots at them.

Keroppers have a unique ability to eat almost any type of trash shot at them, even items larger than themselves. They then Keroppers, however, have a few weaknesses. First, they will take damage if shot in the back. They also cannot swallow large 16-ton weights and will take damage from them. Their biggest weakness, however, is their inability to digest bombs, as they will lose 2 HP after eating a bomb.

Keroppers come in two varieties: Green, which have 2 HP, and Red, which have 3 HP. Green Keroppers make their first appearance in Deja Vu Canals Stage 1, while Red Keroppers do not appear until Forgotten City Stage 1.

Official descriptions[]

Blinx the Time Sweeper

Blinx the Time Sweeper Game Manual

This froglike creature has the ability to eat anything fired at it - snatching objects out of the air! It does not like to leave its vulnerable back exposed and always tries to face you.

Blinx the Time Sweeper: Prima Strategy Guide

Defeat these gluttonous frogs by feeding them trash until they are so fat and slow that you can run behind them and shoot them. Alternatively, sweep up one of the bombs that is almost always located nearby and feed it to the Keropper. The bomb explodes in the monster's gullet, damaging it or even destroying it.