Blinx Encyclopedia

Locker Rooms are used in Blinx 2: Masters of Time and Space to customize teams.

There, you can customize you and your teammates and check their stats.

Here are some things you can check and modify for you and your team:

  • Status: Here you have grade levels that change if certain conditions are complete. You can check your status and refresh the health bar.
  • Equip Team: You can equip weapons and add upgrades.
  • Accessories: Add items like goggles, earrings and uniforms to change the look. (Team members only.)

The leader (the player) has more options like:

  • Customize Appearance: Change your entire look here. Change the jacket, pants, accessories and more. Also change height, ear length and more.
  • Change name: Need a new name? Change it here.
  • Change Team name: Of course, your team needs a name. Change to the desired team name.
  • Change Flag design: There are many designs to choose from.
  • Change Flag emblem: The symbol for your team. Up to 15 designs.
  • Change team members: Someone not pulling their leg? Change them here. More team members can be hired at the shop.