Blinx Encyclopedia

Gender Male
Race Time Sweepers
Role NPC Hostage
Allies Time Sweepers
Enemies Tom Tom Gang, Time Monsters
Weapons TS-4000 LV2

Mick is a leader of his respective team and Time Sweeper that was captured by Tom Toms during the Big Crystal incident.


While in the Pirates' Graveyard, presumably searching for information or Big Crystal fragments, he encountered Tom Toms and alerted the Time Factory of their presence shortly before being captured (and injured, limping and unable to break his wooden cage with his TS-4000 with an injured right arm). While imprisoned, he attempted to warn of the impending end of the universe in order to be released, but Benito opted to ignore his pleading in order to use him as a distraction for the Time Sweepers while the other Tom Toms set up explosives to flood the caves. After his rescue, he warns of the Tom Tom's plan before returning to the Time Factory.