Blinx Encyclopedia

Gender Male
Race Time Sweeper
Role Protagonist
Allies Time Sweepers
Enemies Tom Tom Gang

Time Monsters

Weapons Sweepers

NecoJi is a Time Sweeper that appears in the beginning cutscenes. He is sent to the Ever Snow world, where he reports that it is like "an icebox".

He also makes an appearance at the end of the game, saying, "If I survive this, I'll propose to Catherine. I love you Catherine!" Apparently, he does survive and is seen in the end credits receiving a kiss from Catherine.

He is friendly to other Time Sweepers such as Picaro, Pelon, Blinx, Chron and probably Jimmy from the Shop. Personality-wise, NecoJi is soft-spoken, smooth and almost shamanic.


  • "NecoJi here! We've arrived in the Ever Snow World. Brrr... It's an icebox here!"
  • “This is Team NecoJi. We did it! We fought with the Tom Tom Gang and obtained one Big Crystal fragment. We’ll return with the Retrievers.”
  • "If I survive this, I'll propose to Catherine. I love you Catherine!" 



  • In the opening cutscene, instead of jumping into the gate diving head first, he goes loose cannonball.
  • NecoJi's design likely originates from the "Major" from the concept art, sharing very similar appearances.
  • He uses with both hands when wielding his sweeper, though he appears predominantly right-handed.