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Pelon calling from the Dark Valley World.

Gender Male
Race Time Sweeper
Role Supporting
Allies Time Sweepers, CEO, Time Factory workers
Enemies Tom-Tom Gang, Time Monsters
Weapons TS-4000 Lv. 2

Pelon is a Time Sweeper who appears in both Blinx games. He can be seen in the beginning cutscenes of Blinx 2: Masters of Time and Space. Pelon is a tough sweeper who loves to assist his teammates in any job.

In the opening cutscene of Blinx: The Time Sweeper, a sweeper can be seen on the screens of the Mother Computer in the Time Factory with the various Operators. Although for a short amount of time, Pelon (or a character of the same design) can be seen, sweeping time crystals. 

When the fake Tom Toms attacked the Time Factory at the start of Blinx 2, he encouraged both the leaders and their teams (and possibly the player) to help Blinx to track the Big Crystal fragments in an attempt to save time. 

Though many have confused him for being female due to his effeminate voice, director Naoto Ohshima has stated that the character is indeed male according to the art director.[1]


Pelon has peach-orange fur and has yellow eyes. In both games he is seen wearing red lens goggles and a yellow jacket that was slashed during the introduction. Like many others in Blinx 2, Pelon wields a TS-4000


  • “Blinx is going alone? No waaaaay! Not while I’m a Sweeper!”
  • “This is Pelon calling in from the Dark Valley World! We’re under attack by time monsters!”
  • “This is Pelon. The wish of a girl that appeared in a dream? What’s that all about? Any idea, Picaro?”
  • “This is Pelon at the Flying Castle! I can’t believe my eyes! I’ve been stomped by a gigantic monster that looks like Benito!”
  • “Team Pelon is the best team, and y’all know it!”


  • During development, the game project was codenamed Pelon.