Blinx Encyclopedia

Rank-up Exams are special challenges featured in Blinx 2: Masters of Time and Space that must be completed before access to a new Stage is granted.


Rank-up Exams are accessed by entering the corresponding Shop for either the Time Sweepers or the Tom Tom Gang. Each exam usually involves teaching about a new Time Control or Space Control, though they can also involve new gameplay elements, such as using a Combo Cartridge or climbing along ropes.

Time Sweeper Exams[]

The Rank-up Exams for the Time Sweepers takes place in the lobby of the Time Factory. The floor is often frozen over or flooded to demonstrate different techniques.

Tom Tom Gang Exams[]

All Rank-up Exams that the Tom Tom Gang take part in seems rather rushed and unprofessional (yet another opposite of the Time Sweepers). It is all done on Tom Tom Island. Examples being several cargo crates strewn around, a series of rope stands being placed about, or random Guard Sweepers being let loose on it.