Sweepers are the weapons used by the Time Sweepers. They resemble portable vacuum cleaners. There are many different varieties of sweepers available, each with its own varying level of performance.

Blinx: The Time Sweeper

Level 1Edit


The TS-1000 Lv.1 sweeper.

These sweepers are basic, they can only sweep up Lv. 1 trash.

  • TS-1000 Lv.1 The sweeper Blinx starts with.
  • TS-2000 Aladdin Lv.1+ Like the 1000; however, it can suck up sand too.

Level 2

The TS-4000 sweepers are exactly the same, except for their looks. They can suck up all types of trash, excluding the 16T weights.

  • TS-4000 Star Lv.2
  • TS-4000 Jaguar Lv.2
  • TS-4000 Skull Lv.2
  • TS-4000 Spiral Lv.2
  • TS-2000 Flame Lv.2+ Can also sweep up fire, along with all Lv.2 trash, and shoot fiery trash.
  • TS-2000 Freeze Lv.2+ Can also sweep up water along with all Lv.2 trash.

Level 3

These Lv.3 sweepers can suck up the 16T weights and they also have a larger sweeping range

  • TS-16000 Lv.3
  • TS-16000 Ultraviolet Lv.3
  • TS-X7 Supreme Lv.3+ The ultimate sweeper that can do everything all the other sweepers can! In order to get it, you need to get all 80 Cat Medals and pay 90,000G at the Momentopolis Shop (after the Boss Rush)!

Blinx 2: Masters of Time and Space

Level 1

Sweepers that can sweep up certain kinds of trash.

  • TS-2000 Lv.1 The most popular sweeper. Also the beginning sweeper.
  • TS-2100 Lv.1 A variation of TS-2000 Lv.1 (color black)
  • TS-1000 Lv.1 The vintage sweeper, first seen in Blinx: The Time Sweeper.

Level 2

Sweepers that can sweep all kinds of trash.

  • TS-3000S Lv.2 An improved version of the classics.
  • TS-3000F Lv.2 A sweeper that can light most enemies on fire.
  • TS-3000I Lv.2 A sweeper that can freeze an enemy, but it doesn't have any attack power.
  • TS-4000 Lv.2 This sweeper can sweep even the biggest trash.
  • TS-5000X Lv.2 A Blinx-styled Sweeper, used by Blinx himself.
  • TS-5000W Lv.2 A sweeper that shoot two projectiles in one.
  • TS-SAKANA Lv.2 A fish-like sweeper with a fast shooting speed.

Level 3

Sweepers that can sweep all kinds of trash. Shooting and sweeping speeds are very fast.

  • TS-16000 Lv.3 Shooting speed is greatly increased.
  • TS-16000S Lv.3 This has an awesome sweeping speed.
  • LS

    The TS-X9 Lv. 3

    TS-X9 Lv.3 - The legendary sweeper. It has incredible sweeping speeds and can hold up to 15 items alone without the Sweeper upgrade. It can be unlocked by collecting all 40 Cat Medals and then purchased at Jimmy's Shop for 5000G.
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