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"We found this in the back of the shop. The legendary sweeper."
Catherine, Blinx: The Time Sweeper

The TS-X7 Supreme, Lv.3+ is a secret and legendary, powerful sweeper in Blinx: The Time Sweeper.

Appearance and functions[]

The TS-X7 Supreme, Lv.3+ general appearance is very similar to that of the TS-16000-S Lv.3, both in regards to physical appearance and color scheme. Like the TS-16000-S Lv.3, color scheme is a mixture of purple, pink and light blue. The TS-X7 Supreme, Lv.3+ is also rounded like the TS-16000-S Lv.3, but the TS-X7 Supreme, Lv.3+ is much more rounder though. The TS-X7 Supreme, Lv.3+ is by far the largest sweeper, rivalling even the TS-16000 Lv.3. The sides of the TS-X7 Supreme, Lv.3+ does not feature either a clock dial or a symbol, rather it features purple background with blue brushes instead.

The most unique characteristic of the TS-X7 Supreme, Lv.3+ is it has all the abilities of every other sweeper model out there. Like other Level 3 Sweepers, such as the TS-16000 Lv.3 and TS-16000-S Lv.3, it can suck up all trash, including 16T Weights, as well as sucking up trash from greater distances. The TS-X7 Supreme, Lv.3+ also features properties of the TS-2000 Aladdin Lv.1+, as it too can suck up sand as well as suck trash up more quickly. Not only that, the TS-X7 Supreme, Lv.3+ can convert trash into fiery projectiles like the the TS-2000 Flame, Lv.2. Lastly, the TS-X7 Supreme, Lv.3+ can convert trash into freezing projectiles just like the TS-2000 Freeze, Lv.2+. Overall, the TS-X7 Supreme, Lv.3+ can do all the jobs of the other sweeper models combined, making it supreme sweeper model out there.

Official descriptions[]

Blinx: The Time Sweeper

Blinx: The Time Sweeper: Prima Strategy Guide

Rumor has it that this special sweeper appears in shops after you've collected all 80 of the hidden Cat Medals. It is extremely expensive but well worth its cost: it does the work of all the sweepers combined, including the Aladdin, Flame and Freeze models!


  • Purchasing the TS-X7 Supreme, Lv.3+ from the Momentpolis Shop, and then quitting from the boss battle with the Chronohorn at the Momentopolis Boss Stage will result in the TS-X7 Supreme, Lv.3+ being removed from your inventory, as well as the Gold used to purchase it being returned back into your account.