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Time Square Stage 1.

Time Square Stage 1, also known as Stage 1-1, is the first stage of Time Square, as well as first stage of Blinx: The Time Sweeper. Time Square Stage 1 serves as the games only tutorial level during a first play through, where it will guide the player on the game mechanics (it will not repeat them if you return to level at a later point).

Enemies encountered[]

Time Monsters[]

Tom-Tom Gang[]

Cat Medal locations[]

  • Red - Behind the 16T Weight in the room with the first Chronoblob, requires either the TS-16000 Lv. 3 or TS-16000-S Lv. 3 sweeper models.
  • Silver - Under the statue at the beginning of the level, the statue will collapse on it before to can reach it. Requires either a Pause before the statue collapses, or a Rewind to have the statue reform.
  • Gold - Atop the statue at the beginning of the level. Requires the player to stand on the statues head, and then to use a Rewind to reform the statue.

Time Rank Score[]

S+ Time - 0:30.00

Sweep up two pieces of trash. As you enter the room with the first Chrono Blob, use a record. Kill the Chrono Blob and open the door to kill the next one. After the record is up, sweep of the 16 ton weight, kill the last Chrono Blob and jump in the finish.