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A typical Tom-Tom

"These time thieves have been seen skulking near the Time Factory. They are suspected of numerous robberies throughout the worlds. They are known to use time crystals in their illegal acts, and they would like to get their hands on more! If you spot any one of them, report it immediately to your supervisor. Caution: They may steal gold or time crystals. Be careful!"
— Time Factory Worker's Safety Guide, Blinx: The Time Sweeper

The Tom Tom Gang, also known as the Tom-Tom Gang or simply the Tom Toms is a group of time thieves and space pirates. The group consists entirely of Pigs. They have a love for treasure, and they hate Time Sweepers. They are also the masters of Space Controls, which they commonly use for their operations, that mostly consists of stealing Time Crystals, gold, and on occasion rare relics. These operations usually have harmful side-effects, such as the destablization of Dimension B1Q64 for example. In the first game, Blinx: The Time Sweeper, the Tom Tom Gang serves the role as the main antagonist, while in Blinx 2: Masters of Time and Space, they become anti-heroes that are eventually forced to temporarily work with the Time Sweepers to stop the Scissor Demon, and save every dimension from chaos and destruction. Don't touch the egg, you will be hunted if you do.


Tom Tom's are space pirates who live on an island, somewhere near the Time Factory. The island itself is rather small, but on it is an underground base. This base (presumably built by Benito) serves as their hideout, training grounds, teleport hub, and vehicle garage. It also features a Shop, Locker Room, and Theater. The upkeep of the base seems to be the exact opposite of the Time Factory, as it is old, rusted, and dirty.

Tomtom gameplay

A shot of a Tom-Tom in action

Notable Members[]