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A screenshot from Versus Mode

Versus Mode is a game mode in Blinx 2: Masters of Time and Space that allows 2-4 players to play as either a preselected team or one of the teams the player has made.


Versus Mode allows players to use either a team of Time Sweepers or Tom Toms to fight each other in custom-made fights made up of 1-5 rounds. It is possible to use equipment that the player's team has. For example, PIG 38's, TS-1000s, Tanks etc. can all be used in the player's team has acquired them during Story Mode. There are also weapons exclusive to Versus Mode like the TVM-3 that may be purchased with credits, earned by defeating opponents, in the intermissions between rounds. Versus Mode is also the only mode in Blinx 2 where certain weapons, like the Heavy Tub and Satellite Energy Weapon, can be used in battle, as well as the only game mode that allows Time Sweepers to use non-sweeper weapons. You can choose how many players you want on your team from one to four. If you get 100 wins in Versus Mode, you'll unlock special tank parts that are much larger and powerful than your default ones.