Blinx Encyclopedia

Blinx: The Time Sweeper[]

See Sweepers.

Blinx 2: Masters of Time and Space[]

See Sweepers.


  • Slingshot - The Slingshot is the starting weapon for the Tom Tom Gang. It fires small shots which will put enemies (excluding Time Monsters and machine-based foes) to sleep. It takes 3 shots for foes to fall asleep.
  • Slipper - Knocks out a Guard Sweeper. However, upon use, the slipper disappears.
  • Grand Slam - A Tom Tom baseball bat used to knock out a Guard Sweeper. However, upon use, the weapon disappears.
  • Hammer - A Giant Hammer that can deal damage to an opponent, activate switches, destroy boxes, and be used as a melee attack. Disappears after use on all Versus Mode maps, except for the Tom Tom Gang HQ map, where it can be used an infinite number of times.
  • Crossbow - Extremely accurate weapon that knocks out a guard sweeper.
  • Mine - Plants a small mine down which detonates if someone walks too close, causing damage. Only five mines can be planted at once; any excess mines will automatically detonate. Can deal high damage to a Tom Tom Tank.
  • Remote Mine - Same as the Mine, although Remote Mines can be remotely detonated all at once by the person who planted them.


  • PIG-38 - A basic bullet-type weapon that is given to the player after he/she finishes the second Tom Tom Rank-up Exam.
  • TON16A - A weapon which can fire 4 bullets in a row.
  • MaG-420 - A weapon which can fire 6 bullets in a row.
  • Shotgun - Sprays bullets over a wide area, but not continuously or rapidly.
  • Winterfield - Sniper rifle with a zoom-in scope for deadly accuracy.


  • Firework - A small firecracker which can deal great damage. However, is extremely loud.
  • Grenade Launcher - Fires bombs at a distance. If the player is caught in the explosion, he/she will take damage.
  • BAZ-006 - A bazooka which can fire a deadly missile. Can cause splash damage if the shooter is too close to where the missle explodes.
  • SAM-440 - A bazooka which fires a heat-seeking missile that chases after the enemy.
  • TVM-3 - A remote-controlled bazooka. Can only be used in Versus Mode.


  • Watershot - Sprays powerful blasts of water. It can put out fire, distract guard sweepers and throw foes a long distance in Versus Mode. However, deals no real damage.
  • FP-40 Flame - A flamethower that catches enemies on fire and deals damage to them over time.
  • G300 Ray - An energy-based ray gun that fires with great accuracy at lightning fast speeds.
  • Heavy Tub - Drops multiple giant tubs on the battlefield and causes great damage. Versus Mode only.
  • SL

    Tom-Tom Satellite Weapon

    Satellite Laser - The ultimate Tom Tom weapon, available at 7000G in Carlos' Shop after the player has collected all 40 Pig Medals. It fires a thin green targeting laser over an area which turns to a flashing green sphere upon contact with a solid object, warning of the Satellite's blast radius. A few seconds later, a Tom Tom Satellite fires giant laser beam-like explosions over the area, severely damaging anyone within the weapon's radius (including the user if they are within the Satellite's firing radius). Available only in Versus Mode.